Quality craft Distilled infused Gin made by Bluestone Brewery in Whitworth Lancashire.
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by Glen Speak 2017
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Bluestone Brewery.
In early 2017 we embarked on our new adventure.

Our aim was to produce a really nice tasting craft Gin infused with natural botanicals in a copper pot still.

Bluestone Gin was born, really we hit the recipe very quickly for our 40% ABV Bluestone Gin.

Everything we use is a natural product including the lemon and salt we use for cleaning our copper stills.

All our Bottanicals and fruit are as fresh as we can get and are all hand prepared by us, we use locally foraged and grown products as much as possible.

We use 9 botanicals with the dominant one being Juniper and the result being a balanced smooth almost spicy flavour.

Currently available in 250ml and 700ml bottles and selling fast we will be increasing our outlets week on week.

We believe that we are the first Distillery to produce Chuckleberry fruit gin.

This mouthwatering drink is available now and was launched at the whitworth food and craft market on June 10th 2017 which just happened to be world gin day.

This is Chuckleberries and a hint of vanilla infused in our Bluestone Gin and is perfect for a hot summers day with ice and tonic.

Also you need to taste our 2nd new gin, this is Strawberry and pink peppercorn made with our own Bluestone gin and English strawberries, sweet with a hint of spice.

Both @ 25% ABV
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Visit our
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